Daily Planet features State of Syn: Singularity

Discovery Channel’s Daily Planet tested out State of Syn: Singularity on Google Glass. Check out what host @DP_TechLucas had to say about the coolest Google Glass game ever. Watch it here—

New State of Syn app comes to Google Glass

Its here!! After months of hard work , we are excited to announce that State of Syn Singularity is now available  on Google Glass. Check out all the cool links below to learn more. Time to Syn, download the app for free here. Check State of Syn out on Play Back Magazine: State of Syn app […]

State of Syn: Google Glass

Yellow Bear Studios has just completed development on an innovative Google Glass game entitled, Singularity. Along with Smokebomb Entertainment, the Yellow Bear team joins the CFC/MindPirate IdeaBOOST Production Lab which will focus on creating immersive interactive experiences for emerging wearable tech like Google Glass. Check it out here: