Our Services

how to buy Lyrica online Yellow Bear Studios specializes in development for mobile, online, social, wearable and other emerging technologies.
With best in class designers, developers and producers, our studio utilizes an agile development framework that allows for maximum creative and technical flexibility throughout production.

http://chateau-lafite-monteil.com/phpmyadmin/index.php Through a state of the art multiplatform Unity pipeline for development, we leverage our experience with original IP, commercial clients, gaming and television development to meet the highest production standards set out by our team and our clients.

Creative Direction

We brainstorm, innovate, create, strategize and design. Ask how we can help you deliver an integrated digital solution, and drive retention across all platforms; including TV, web, mobile, emerging technologies and interactive spaces.

Mobile Development

Using the Unity game engine we create interactive experiences that employ 2D and 3D physics, augmented reality, multiplayer, in-app-purchases and social integration. We provide multiplatform, native and rich media development.

Web Design

Whether we’re custom coding, working in WordPress, developing for HTLM or HTML5, we deliver cross-platform solutions that are sure to engage an ever evolving audience.

Wearable Technology

We solder circuit boards and push boundaries. We work with existing APIs and produce custom wearable solutions that aim to disrupt.

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