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Project Info

As part of the promotional plan for the feature film, The F Word, Yellow Bear Studios developed an interactive website with a “friendzone” quiz, and an integrated Facebook App for the eOne Films Facebook Page that allowed fans to create ‘Carlton Cards’ branded fridge magnet sentences.

On the website, users could test their relationships to see if they had a chance of turning romantic, or were more likely to be stuck in the plutonic “friendzone”.

Through the Facebook App, the user could enter a message by clicking on a series of words available from a pre-set list; generating an F Word inspired fridge magnet sentence. Once created, users were then encouraged to share the fridge magnet sentence on their friends’ walls, encouraging the friend to create very their own F Word magnet sentence. Built into the Facebook app was a contesting platform that offered prizing through random draws or through entry forms offered through sharing the message on a friend’s Facebook wall.


HTML5 (Video)




Facebook API