Kidscreen Summit 2015: Staying Young

buy propecia in usa Wow! What a wild ride the Kidscreen Summit was in Miami last week. Finally, with some time to decompress, we can take in the experience (and enjoy the fun swag we got – thanks for the bag, Cartoon Network, and Bodhi and Friends for the selfie-stick!).

We were lucky enough to be part of the summit as a speaker on one of their many panels, and it was awesome. Well, actually it was just Ryan. But he carried to torch for the Yellow Bear family while trying not to get hypnotized on stage by all the camera flashes – based on the feedback, we’d say he did wonderfully! The Hot Right Now panel brought together five great tech innovators in the kid’s space and focused on current technological trends that could drive the future of kid’s entertainment. Check out the photo of our pal, Alex Bar, creator of Lunar Jim and Mike the Knight as he takes the stage to start things off.

15 seconds per slide, one podium, and not a lot of time to lay out all the stuff we wanted to share with a packed house of writers, producers, kid’s entertainment fans and industry movers & shakers. It definitely helped to have those big presentation slides prepped by the Yellow Bear team, like the ones below:

Yellow Bear Studios Kidscreen Smart Home Presentation

Ryan chose to talk about the future of smart home technology for the kid’s market. More importantly, how kids can (and hopefully will) become the next generation of Ferris Buellers, inventing amazing ways to control their bedrooms using technology, and maybe even use the new smart toys and tools to trick your parents into thinking your sick and need to stay home from school every now-and-again (who doesn’t love a sick day… when you’re not really sick!). And if we can inspire kids to use technology in creative and innovative ways, what’s there to lose (except a few missed classes)?

Yellow Bear Studios Kidscreen Smart Home Presentation

Meeting up with broadcasters, publishers, producers from around the world, creators, getting some face-to-face with people from YouTube, Cartoon Network, BBC Canada, Lego, HarperCollins and more – it doesn’t get much better than that. As the first of hopefully many more Kidscreen experiences, all we can say is…

follow site Look at this swag bag Cartoon Network gave us!

Hey @kidscreen, thanks for the @cartoonnetworkofficial #kss15 swag! Had a brilliant time!

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But seriously, we can’t wait till next year, and a huge thanks to the entire Kidscreen crew for making it a memorable experience!

Yellow Bear Studios Kidscreen Smart Home Presentation



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