‘Tis the season! (For some exciting development)


2014 has been a huge year for us as the studio and the industry around us. We’ve jumpstarted development on a half dozen projects and deep into production on a mobile app for a large broadcaster. Amazing games came out for console, computer, and mobile markets in the past twelve months. We saw some great studios in Toronto and abroad create some innovative and interesting projects. We were even lucky enough to win an award (IAWTV 2014 – Best Interactive Experience for State of Syn)! Phew.

With some new faces and new opportunities, there will hopefully be enough fuel to get us past 2015. As the year comes to a close, it’s natural to have a moment of reflection and realignment for the new challenges to face when January hits..

But stuff like this:


It just keeps us excited for what’s to come. Until then, our bear’s bundling up for the snow. Stay warm out there!


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