What has Yellow Bear been up to?



In case you missed it, we just announced three projects we’ve had our paws on lately, and you can see them right when you hit our website!

buy lasix online Mish Monsters is currently in development, and the team is hard at work creating an original kid’s IP that follows Mish, a spunky explorer on her quest to fill up her Monster Journal full of amazing monsters.

We also recently completed working on Earth to Echo, a tie-in promotional app to build excitement around the sci-fi adventure. A mission-scanning app that brings the story to your world!

And lastly, it was a great time taking an global brand like the Trash Pack and giving the app a shiny new coat for Trashie fans to enjoy!

Both Earth to Echo and Trash Pack Dash are available for download on the iOS App Store, so don’t hesitate to check them out!


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